Why You Need To Try Cyber Sex


Why You Need To Try Cyber Sex
Life makes solo sex a necessity for some women. Ever considered Cyber Sex and Erotic Texting?

He:  What's a little harmless cuddling between two consenting cuddlers?

Something inside of me melted when I read it.

A piece of resistance to letting myself be loved again fell away as I let myself want that cuddle so adorably offered.

Last night, just a few days after that flirty little invitation I had the first of what I know is not the last one hour orgasm... a physical echo that held my body in ecstasy while I sat quietly on the couch.  It just didn’t want to stop.

Those playful words started it all.

I hadn’t touched myself, spoken to anyone or watched any porn...even the always fabulous erotica created by women for women. No, all this happened from a text conversation.

I found a website that offers hookups to people looking for sexual partners but in a very classy way. No in your face sexuality at all. Discrete and inviting. Women are free and men purchase credits to connect with women members.  Consenting adults, right?

It is a red hot sizzling turn-on to text with an eager to please lover, especially to one who is texting from a thousand miles away.

Waves of crazy anticipatory chemistry knowing your partner is with you in real time and all about your pleasure. Holy Crap.

I was contacted by men nearly immediately on the site and the very first one brought me the precious gift of an hour long orgasmic paradise. FREE VIDEO: Penis Enlargement Ideas From Around The World

He was not the only one involved though...

Here is why I was on the hookup site in the first place.

I am  killer attracted to a man who is not right for me right now. I can barely resist him.  I know he is interested and seems to care about me beyond how good we could be physicall. I am just not in a position to be having sex with anybody right now. In person sex, at least.

Seeing this man turns me on fast and because he is not available, I am left with pounding desire and no where to take it.  Twenty years ago, I would have gotten into the car, said "Screw his wife and family!" and met up with him in some clandestine rendevous.  

Refusing to give in to the temptation, I found myself on google looking for erotic chat partners.  That's how I found the hook up website.  That first night, Mr. FunInOhio was texting me on line in a private chat room.

He was detailing what he wanted to be doing with me. While he was fun and friendly and his texts were creative, it was only mildly hot. I say mildly because he had me naked immediately and was acting as if I was already aroused and ready for that.

He, like many male sexters I meet, skipped right over the all important Setting The Stage Step and was out of sync with my desire.

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