Please Don't Stop: An Erotic Love Story


Please Don't Stop: An Erotic Love Story
Nothing like a sultry rendezvous with a handsome stranger to find your orgasm today. Check it out!

For as long as I can remember, I have fantasized about having a no strings attached rendevous with an older and sexually savvy woman. (Here's How To Please A Woman)

Stuck in an airport and sipping my dry martini, I found myself glancing around the bar.  There were a couple of hot younger girls with short skirts and deeply low cut blouses that showed off very tempting and luscious breasts.

Been there and done plenty of that.  No, this time, I want a lady.  An older and wiser woman who loves sex as much as I do.  Once again, erotic scenes flew into my mind and a new daydream drew my attention away from the hustling airport crowd around me.

“Excuse me” the bartender's voice pulled me back to the present.  “Another?” he asked.

I checked my watch.  “Sure,” I said.  “Thanks.”

Surveying the bar crowd,  I noticed you playing with your olive with a disinterested air. I could see that your mind was elsewhere. I had caught your eye a couple times earlier but I was sure you were looking right through me. I was surprised this time when a smile crossed your face. 

"Would you like another martini?" I asked.  I suddenly felt clumsy and awkward as a teenager.  I could not help but notice the warmth of your eyes and that hot red dress hugging your toned curves.

“Why thank you, how sweet of you.” As the bartender shook our drinks, I moved a stool closer to you and tried my best at small talk. The chemistry was tying my tongue in knots. I was relieved when you started telling me the story of how you happened to be in the San Antonio airport when your destination was NYC. We laughed and shared a few air travel dramas. The martinis were working their magic and I could see that you were relaxing and enjoying my company.

I reached to take a drink and brushed your bare arm. An electric shock passing through my body. I looked into your beautiful green eyes and saw that you had felt the spark too. “You are awfully young,” you said with a twinkle in your smile and a wink. I slowly reached out my foot and caressed the side of your foot with mine. “I hope you won’t hold that against me,” I laughed.  Read More:  Click Here

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