The Real Reason She Doesn't Want Sex With You Tonight


The Real Reason She Doesn't Want Sex With You Tonight
What makes the difference between lucky and lonely?

Guest Post by Alex Allman

Sometimes you can trigger all of a woman's sexual feelings and emotions...

...and other times all you seem to trigger are her "let's just be friends" defensive systems.


Single guys are usually painfully aware of this balance between "there’s going to be sex” and "let's just be friends," but this same balance exists in every relationship and in every marriage.

You arrive home with your wife (or live-in girlfriend) from a night at a movies and you're in the mood for a little fun in bed. Sometimes you can FEEL her connect with your sexual chemistry, and she shivers with pleasure when you touch her and you can't get each other's clothing off fast enough...

But then other times the circuit just doesn't connect and she just wants to go to sleep, while you're left frustrated.

It would be easy to say, "Well, she was tired, she had a long day."

Sure, that happens. If she really got no sleep last night and there's all sorts of stress in her life, there are plenty of things that can take a woman out of "the mood."

But MOST of the time, you'd be amazed at how much control YOU have over whether or not she's feeling in the mood.

It has to do with what we sometimes call "sexual chemistry" and when you can make her feel that connection, any woman will very happily give up a few hours of sleep—or just about anything else—to get you on top of her.

So here's a question, single guy:

You are out with a woman you met online, and clearly you have some intellectual chemistry—she's laughing at your jokes, she thinks you're interesting, and you feel yourself getting really powerfully physically attracted to her—YOU definitely want to take things to the next level. But does she?

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