Ladies: 5 Tips To Join In The Cyber Sex Revolution


Ladies: 5 Tips To Join In The Cyber Sex Revolution
Can women find sexual delight on line? Anonymity is HOT HOT HOT!! Here is how to get started.

Sexual abuse, date rape and even health issues can make being physical with a man a real challenge. Statistics report that one in four women have had abusive sexual experiences

In early sexual experiences almost all touching happens with clothes on and that thin layer of fabric separating a man's hand from a woman's body is enough to let some women feel less vulnerable.  A fully relaxed body knows how to find the way to orgasm.

No wonder lots of sex happens after cocktails, it's called a social lubricant for a reason.  When a man you like is attracted to you, you feel taller, thinner and sexier and that is intoxicating. 

The super heat of the first 90 days or so overrides the be-careful vibe and sex happens.  Rarely is it fully orgasmic for women but half an O is better than none and most women don't know what they are missing. (Free Video: Help your woman find her orgasm)

If there has been sexual violence in a woman's past, once the flush of chemistry fades, it can be near impossible to find deep sexual pleasure.

But when you are fully relaxed and either you or someone you deeply love and trust is pleasuring your body, you will be sweetly surprised to feel sensations you didn't even know you were missing.

Having a man interested in you is a potent potion.  Having lived with an older man with no sex drive for 10 years (he lost all desire after a year of marriage and had no interest in my sex life.) I am excited that a younger man with excellent text skills and a gentle soul has taken a shine to me. 

Now I know what I have been missing and ladies, it is time we put an end to this.

Cyber sex offers the chance to have a person at the other end of a text window to engage and entertain you for dare I say it….Fun. 

Sex for fun's sake. 

No agenda.  No voices.  No names.  No relationship.  No future or past.  Using a made up name  you choose from many cyber sex sites for consenting adults and anonymously find just about whatever you are looking for.

Now if you are a woman who likes a man to tell you in the first text message that he is hard and how excited you should be to bear witness to the situation you will be really happy.  This is 90% of the men who hit on me online.  Many send pictures of their excited selves, for pete's sake.

Now me?  I am very discriminating. I like a man with a slow hand, and curious and bright mind.  I like to engage my imagination and create the character who is texting to me.

I have had to politely decline many guys who reached out to my profile but I found just what I was looking for and started having amazing sex on my agenda.

Why should you wait to let yourself enjoy sex until the next man comes along?  It feels great to having sex, safely and regularly.

Think of it this way, how much better will you be to move at a slow pace with the next man in your life.  A sexually satisfied woman makes better choices with her real time men.

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