Erotic Story: "Girlfriend, You've Got To Get Laid."


Erotic Story: "Girlfriend, You've Got To Get Laid."
Stressed and stretched to the max? Learn to take a little solo sex break...wink wink.

"Girlfriend, you gotta get laid!"

I laughed as my assistant gave me her advice for the weekend. Working too hard, not playing enough and I was spent. My friend with benefits had been out of town for a few weeks and I was being a royal bitch. I could hear myself at work and I was appalled.

As much as I used to hate hearing that kind of talk years ago, I get it now. Sometimes you DO have to get laid. When you get great sex, you get straightened out right they say in the south. I swear an orgasm is a fountain of youth. I feel like a new woman every time and a friend with benefits is exactly right for me at this time.

We are great sex partners and can pleasure each other like nobody's business. Then we go live our lives 'til next time. No strings. No drama. No one sharing my space. And great, sex. (See What Men Secretly Want).

So last night we met in San Clemente for dinner. We ate out on the pier and touched each other under the table cloth. I love to have sex in public trying to act as if nothing is happening when everything is happening.

After dinner we walked back to the ocean front hotel and snuggled on the couch watching the world cup highlights. He let his arm rest on my leg so that his hand was resting on my thigh.

"Remember our first night together?"

I shivered and gasped feeling his breath right next to my ear. Keep Reading...

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