Orgasm Trigger Points That Drive Her Wild

Surveys show that over 70% of women need more than just sexual intercourse to orgasm. As most men just go for penetration, this leads to a hell of a lot of women who are not sexually satisfied. A huge number of woman fake orgasms to keep their men happy. Unfortunately, this leads to dull sex and eventually ...

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How Your Ego Is Ruining Your Love Life

What if I told you that there is one thing that most men (and a lot of women) do which, more than almost anything else, ruins the chances of most relationships taking off. Not only that — what if I told you that this same one thing has caused you (probably many times) to walk away from women you told ...

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The Surprising Reason That Size Really Does Matter

I cannot think of too many things that are worse for a man than the thought that maybe the woman you are with is not satisfied with the size of your penis. What if you are average, or below average, and the woman you are with is comparing you to some guy she saw in a video or, worse, some ex-boyfriend who ...

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Date-Ditchers And The 'I'll Call You' Line

Flakers...don't you just hate them? What are they about exactly — playing hard to get or just not interested? I can understand why men and women become confused by other men and women who flake, especially once they know about the tests both men and women apply. But I think it is simpler than it ...

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The 10 Big "TURN OFF" Mistakes Women Make With Men In The Bedroom

What I love about the title of this article is how much immediate interest it generates. Even the most confident women I know read a headline like this and start worrying that maybe they are Read More

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Orgasm Trigger Points That Drive Her Wild

Here are some simple tips to give your lover more profound orgasms.

Sad Dude

How Your Ego Is Ruining Your Love Life

Lose the ego, gain a relationship. How Your Fears Stops You Succeeding with Courting Women!


The Surprising Reason That Size Really Does Matter

Prepare yourself for some radical truth telling, some serious science, things are about to get scary

Sad Dude

Date-Ditchers And The 'I'll Call You' Line

They seem like a promising prospect until they flake on your date.


The 10 Big "TURN OFF" Mistakes Women Make With Men In The Bedroom

Now are you wondering if you are making any of these mistakes?


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