You Really Can Change EVERYTHING In Love And Life


You Really Can Change EVERYTHING In Love And Life
There is a way to attract the right man for you so that he is entirely devoted to you and only you.

What if you are feeling stuck in your love life - where it seems like there is no way you could meet another, better man, and the one you are with is always disappearing emotionally or physically no matter how much you love him - I have news for you.

You just do not have to go through the pain and frustration you are enduring right now.


Because even though you know what is happening, even though you know you are not happy, even though you KNOW your man is not doing the job, even though you have made so many changes and worked so hard for the relationship - it can be incredibly frustrating how HARD it is to find a way out of the pain and frustration?

I know personally what it feels like to feel stuck.

And even though the simplest, most obvious thing is to "take care of yourself," it is as though the thing you instinctively do is beat yourself up.


Here is a e mail from Leslie one of my readers of "Intimate Communion Magazine," who lives in a small town and feels totally stuck and without options.

It is a great situation for me to pull apart, because so many of you who live in BIG cities (and yes those who live in the countryside too feel stuck also) - so I know my answer will help you, too.

"Dear Ange,

I'd like, first, to thank you for all your great advice. I am currently breaking up with my boyfriend of 2 years because he's not only toxic, but totally unwilling to commit. He says he loves me and wants a life with me but prefers to spend all his free time drinking with his friends. He's almost 10 years younger than me, has cheated on me, is getting over a drug addiction, and is just plain dishonest. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? I know I deserve so much more but can't seem to stop crying and move forward.

In most of your articles, you suggest social courting as many men as possible and it sounds like great advice, except that I live in a ridiculously small town where the majority of the men (there aren't a great deal around, anyway) I would choose to meet and probably hang out together.

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