The Surprising Reason That Size Really Does Matter


The Surprising Reason That Size Really Does Matter
Prepare yourself for some radical truth telling, some serious science, things are about to get scary

I cannot think of too many things that are worse for a man than the thought that maybe the woman you are with is not satisfied with the size of your penis. What if you are average, or below average, and the woman you are with is comparing you to some guy she saw in a video or, worse, some ex-boyfriend who was a freak of nature?

You hear a lot of people say, "Size does not matter." And we all want to think it when you hear it, unless of course you are very well endowed, and then you DO NOT want to think that, there are many of those sayings like "It is not the size of the stick.. it is the magic in the wand," "Not how big the tool... it is the skill to use it," "Not the size of your oar... it's the motion in your ocean."

And so forth.

Well, the cold hard truth is that while all of those little rhymes are very comforting, most women, if you talk very frankly with them, will admit that size does count for something in the bedroom.

Yet WHAT it counts for, and exactly the way they feel about it might surprise you, and once you REALLY UNDERSTAND the way women think about "size," I think it will really change the way YOU think about it too.

If you have even the slightest doubt, concern, or insecurity about your own endowment, then I think you MUST read the rest of this article. So let us dig in.

1. Men Have Issues

The first thing you need to understand is that while women DO think about penis size, they do not think about it anywhere near as much as we men do. When you think about that fact, that is pretty weird. Most men think about how they "measure up" about a MILLION TIMES more than any woman they are likely to court will ever think about it.

Men have all sorts of crazy hang-ups about their size, to the point where some men are so nervous about it that it affects their ability to have a sex life. What is even CRAZIER is that these same men usually have a naturally sized penis.

And for some reason, this issue occupies a lot of brain space for a lot of men. They think about it, they obsess about it. Men buy literally BILLIONS of fake... bogus pills promising to help make your "pride and joy" bigger and 99% of the time, the women in our lives COULD NOT CARE LESS!

If you take away one piece of information from this article, it is this first one. Sure, size matters, but nowhere near as much as YOU probably think it does. The way you think about your body and how that affects your confidence, can make or break your lover's satisfaction when you are having sex.

2. A Few Interesting Statistics

According to Masters and Johnson, the researchers who actually went around and collected "measurements" on this subject, found the natural size for most men is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches.

Another interesting thing that they discovered is that the vast majority of men are in fact inside of this natural size. In other words, the odds are extremely high that most women you meet have spent their entire lives having sexual relations with men that were ALL right in this zone. So from a woman's point of view, most men are pretty much the same size. There are only a very small number of men that are noticeably larger or smaller than this natural size range.

That is very different from breast sizes where the “natural size” is not particularly common. Plenty of women are way above or way below what is considered the "natural" size of 36 B.

Most men, who fall into this "natural" zone, when asked their own opinion of their size said that they thought they were "small" or well "below average." Most men who are exactly or near exactly the "natural size" are insecure about their penis size. This means a great deal of men are feeling bad about themselves for absolutely no reason. Are YOU doing the same thing? According that study, you PROBABLY ARE.

3. The Point Of View Problem

I have read, and it may or may not be true, that part of the problem with many men is the angle from which they see themselves. There is an optical illusion when you look down on your own "pride and joy," that makes it look smaller than when you look across at the another man's little champ in the locker room and that starts off the feelings that you are "inadequate."

4. Women's Point Of View

Okay, so if men have this crazy view of the issue, what do women think about size and how much does it really matter to them?

The fact is that women DO talk about the size of your penis, and that is particularly true if it is unusually large. I think it is a cultural thing as much as anything else. Those women like to brag about the man they are with. So if you drive a nice car, you are an excellent cook, have very cool fashion sense or if you are unusually large, they will probably mention it to their friends.

Now, SEXUALLY speaking, how do women feel about this issue?

As you might expect if you really thought about it, different women feel very differently about it,  in the same way that some men prefer large breasts and some prefer smaller. Just like thatm some women have a thing for really large penis.

Now, women in general like the IDEA of a large penis, and it is more of a fantasy than a reality. It is a turn on for a woman to THINK about or even to SEE a really large one. Do they want their boyfriend, husband, or lover to be huge?

USUALLY NOT! They almost never want it. Most women think that being with a man who is abnormally large is scary and probably painful. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT about this issue for women is that it is men who obsess over their penis size. Women think it is a nice little extra, but when a woman thinks about what makes a man sexy or what makes him great in bed, a big cock does not even make their top five list.

According to most surveys, women are much more turned on by Masculine confidence, broad shoulders, toned muscular arms, a nice smile, a sense of humour and a well shaped butt than they are by a big penis.

The last study I saw on purely physical characteristics that women found attractive placed "eyes" in the number one spot and "smile" in number two with arms taking the bronze. Size made the top five, and it was not penis size; it was the whole MAN. It turns out that number five is "tall."  Like I said, there are a few women who have a fetish for really large men, and for them it probably matters more, but those women are fairly uncommon.

If you are not completely with me yet on what I am saying here. If you are still insisting on thinking some irrational thing about women not liking you because you are too small, then consider this: if women need a large penis to be sexually satisfied, then how is that I can give a woman orgasms that can blow the walls down with just onenindex finger?

5. When Size Really DOES Matter

So if women do not really care that much about your size and if most men really are about the same size anyway, why can we not just say that size does not really matter?

Glad you asked. Penis size is incredibly important. Why?

Because of the way it makes YOU feel about yourself. While most women would not rate size in their top five reasons for being attracted to a man, virtually ALL women will tell you that MASCULINE CONFIDENCE is not only in their top five reasons for finding a man sexy, MOST women will tell you that it is number one. So if you think that you are small and if that takes away from your sexual confidence with women, then seriously your size IS having a very strong effect on how sexually attracted women are to you.

The little head is affecting the BIG head in a negative way, and the BIG head is where all the sexually important stuff happens in YOUR BRAIN!

Let me say that again, if you feel insecure about your size, then the fact is that it DOES MATTER and it is making you MUCH less attractive to women. Not because they give a dam about your penis size. Iit is because you come across as a less confident man and have you worked it out by now, the OBVIOUS solution to this problem, if you have any self-doubt whatsoever on the subject is GET OVER IT.

If you have the Masculine and Sexual confidence and great self esteem to just take the advice above and run with it, if you really can just flip the switch and just GET OVER ITm it will seriously change your life. It is that powerful because here is another story for you. If you know how to blow a woman's mind sexually and orgasmically, you will hear her say...

"OOOh my God... you get so HUGE... and HARD... F69K me... F69K ME HARD BABY!"

In fact she will say it to you ALL THE TIME, even if you are of a "natural size!"

The reason she will say that  is the wiring in her brain makes her think that you have just rocked her world in ways that no other man has ever done before, you must have something special about your BIG COCK!

It is a psychological gap between what she sees and the crazy, mind-blowing sexual, biological sensations and emotions that happen to her mind and body. No matter how big or small you are, if you get the SEXUAL energy flowing and you are a "skilled lover," you will hear those same words.

As always, leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine men and feminine women know, and are the EXCEPTIONS! They are Truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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