Dating While My Daughter is Watching!


Dating While My Daughter is Watching!
You're daughter is watching your every love move...Date Wisely!

My daughter is fourteen years old and in two years she will begin to date.  I have only about two years to teach this important lesson.  Over the course of the next two years my daughter will begin learning how a man should treat her on a date.  She will see a man opening car doors and assisting a woman with her coat.  She will see hand holding and sweet kisses on the cheek.  My daughter will see a woman tenderly caring for a man.  She will see me affectionately stroking a man’s ego, bringing out the best in him.  She will see me encouraging him and learning love’s life lessons.

My daughter will see love bloom in the most respectful, delicate, loving way.  Television and movie scripts won’t teach her.  Real housewives from anyplace in America won’t teach her.  Jersey Avenue or Shore or any Hip Hop celebrities aren’t the ones I want teaching my daughter about love.  The one person who loves her most in the world will teach her this very important lesson.


This weekend I begin teaching my daughter…love!
Wish me luck!

                                 *Not my daughter’s real name!

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