Dating While My Daughter is Watching!


Dating While My Daughter is Watching!
You're daughter is watching your every love move...Date Wisely!

After three days of this groveling prayer, nothing happened.  No call came, no miracle happened.  I finally made the call of shame.  I called my handsome man and informed him of my dilemma.  In the most dramatic fashion I explained that I had a problem. He listened intently and when I finished, he said nothing – for four minutes he was silent.

“Are you there?”  I finally asked.
“Yes.”  He answered quietly.
“Well, say something.”  I nearly demanded.
“What do you want me to say, honey?”
“What do you think?”  I asked.
“I don’t think anything.  I’m not sure what the problem is.”
“I just told you the problem.”  I said getting a bit perturbed.
“Honey, that’s not a problem.  It’s not our problem, anyway.”
“How can you say that?”  I asked incredulously. 
“Did you honestly think we could have a relationship where we only saw each other four days a month?”  He asked almost comically.


I stopped and thought about it.  We had been having a wonderful relationship where we’d only see each other four days a month.  In a good month, we saw each other five or six times.  I couldn’t answer the question.  Did I think it would go on this way forever?  He waited patiently for my response.  I could hear his smile over the phone.

“Babe, are you there?”  He asked still smiling.
“Well?”  He chuckled.
“I don’t know what I thought.  What did you think?”  I asked subbornly.
“I thought we’d spend time alone together and there would also be times where we spent time with Ashley.  If we are planning to have a future together, shouldn’t we at least consider adding her to the mix?”  He laughed out loud at my naïveté.

My man and I spent the next hour discussing plans to incorporate Ashley into our time together.  I honestly had not even considered the day that she would be a regular part of my dating life.

In the midst of this conversation I also had an epiphany.  Instead of me shielding her from my dating life, I would become her coach.  I would be a great teacher.  I would begin to teach my daughter a great lesson.  I would teach her “how to date”.
My daughter deserves to learn a lesson that most girls never learn from their mother. 

Think about it.  Did your mother teach you how to date?  Did you get to watch up close and personally, your mother on a date?  Most of our mothers were married to our fathers so there was no dating.  Other mothers were like me, they shielded their daughters from their dating lives.  I had been sneaking around like a thief in the night for the past three years.  I had almost missed the opportunity to teach my daughter what could be the greatest lesson in life.

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