Meet Me At The Bowery: An Erotic Love Story


Meet Me At The Bowery: An Erotic Love Story
Adrianna was having a bad day...until she meet the new sexy IT guy.

Adrianna was in no mood for reflection as she sat in the conference room in her borderline sexy Max Mara dress. She was pissed. Pissed at her boss who'd just given her an impossible deadline, pissed at her father and, above all, pissed at her know-it -all shrink who was convinced he could help her overcome her fear of intimacy. Now this nerd from IT was late for his PowerPoint presentation. She expected a pudgy look-how-cool-I-am geek from an Intel commercial. What she got was a tall, graceful guy in a jet black Armani shirt that clung to his well defined bi's and tri's.

Adrianna split during his presentation. Half of her took in the slides on the recent changes in her company’s M.I.S. The other half methodically appraised her possibilities. The Standard overlooking the High Line was too romantic. The Greenwich, with its Shibui Spa, was too public. The Bowery, somewhat secluded with 24/7 room service was perfect, for intense highly focused fucking.

It amused her to suck the thin ribbons of pappardelle off her fork as he watched. His eyes moved hungrily from her face to her breasts. She slipped off her shoe and pressed her toe firmly against his crotch. He would have fucked her in the elevator if she'd let him. "Fifty Shades of Gray in your dreams," she said laughing as she pushed him backward and bit his lip. Then she fell to her knees and sucked him till he almost came. They yanked off each others clothes in the room. She wrapped her legs around him as he lifted her to the bed and he plunged into her. She let out a deep feral moan as she came.

"Now eat me. Eat me till I scream," she ordered.

He buried his face between her legs and sucked and swallowed as much of her as he could get.

"You like chili peppers," she said, laughing as she scissor gripped his head. Then she pushed him off her and 69'd him back on top. "Eat me, eat me again," she pleaded as she cupped his balls and sucked his delicious cock. She sucked and gobbled him up as he exploded, lost inside her.

"There are 22 nerves in the vagina," she said as they rested.

"Actually, according to the Padmashri in the Kamasutra, there are 24," he said, "and they all end in the clitoris."

He spread her legs and gently sucked and glided his tongue over her clitoris. "Do you feel them?" She moaned softly as she came. "Now close your eyes and breath deeply," he ordered.

"Yes," she whispered, thrilled by how easy it was to give into him. Then she fell into a deep, delicious sleep with his head between her legs.


She awoke with a startle and looked at her cell phone. It was three in the morning. Her first thought was of Samantha but she knew she was safe with Sam. Before she could sneak out of bed, he took her in his arms.

"Good morning," he said. "We haven’t been properly introduced."

"I know your name," she answered. She tried to push him away but he kept hold of her.

"I don’t believe you," he said.

"Charles. No Roger. Okay I don’t know your name."

"It’s Archie" he said.

"Sure, and I’m Edith," she wisecracked.

"I would stifle your mouth," he said smiling and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"That's Benedict, not Archie."

"Very good," he said laughing and kissed her again. "My name is Nicholas and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance." He held out his hand and she took it shyly.

"So tell me about the other hook-ups you've had here."

"It would take all day."

"I had one here, last Christmas," he said. "I was at a party. I'd been working all weekend. I had a very bad cold and drank too much. When we got here I was totally down and she undressed me and put me to bed. Then she read me a poem from her iPhone until I fell asleep."

"Do you remember the poem?"

"It was about a guy who thought he was Superman. His girlfriend sneaks a drop of kryptonite under his armpit and he collapses. ‘Just like a regular guy,’ she tells him totally relieved. Then she sticks her hand down his pants and has her way with him."

Adrianna laughed, reached for Nick’s penis and squeezed it gently. "Still recovering," he said smiling. "Actually, it wasn’t just a hook up. She was here on a project for Google and we lived together for three months."

"What happened?"

"She hated New York and couldn't wait to get back to Mountain View. I love it here and I'll never leave. She wanted us to try a long distance relationship but I told her it wouldn’t work."

"Of course. Not enough sex."

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