How A Couples Counselor Can Save Your Long-Distance Relationship


How A Couples Counselor Can Save Your Long-Distance Relationship
Feeling far away from your love? A counselor can help bridge the distance.

Considering Couples Therapy For Your Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships — although hard — can be successful with the right mindset and the right attitude. If you are in a long-distance relationship, our couples counselors at Marriage and Couples Counseling can help you work through any struggles that you might be having with living away from your partner and give you advice on how best to communicate over long distances to keep the passion alive.

I often do Skype ssesions with couples living thousands of miles apart, some for short periods of time, others for much longer periods. One member of the couple is here with me, Skyping with the other in a another city. An important thing that I encourage them to do is to Skype with each other at least once a day, ideally (if they're in the same time zone) when they go to bed. One couple I work with told me they leave Skype running and when they wake up in the morning, they see frozen pictures of each other with their eyes closed and their noses all scrunched up.

I can't do this with my wife, who is typically in a different time zone than me when she's traveling for her job. So I complain a lot. Yesterday, for example, I told her we've been spending more Skype time together than real, live, sensuous body time! But these are the issues you work through in a long-distance relationship — all that can be helped through couples counseling.

Andre Moore is the Director of Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching in New York City.

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