Don's Story: How He Saved His Marriage From The Brink Of Divorce


how to save your marriage after infidelity
College sweethearts Don and Sarah exemplify how you can overcome an affair in your marriage.

The first time I met Don and Sarah, they were on the verge of a painful divorce that neither of them really wanted. He had just learned from one of their closest friends that she'd been having an affair for almost a year.

"How could you do this to me?" he cried out to her. "You were always my dream girl."

Sarah shook her head in tears. "You don't have a clue," she murmured. "He's out of shape, not buff like you or strong or dependable. And he doesn't have his life together. I never once thought of leaving you for him. But what I got from him and never get from you is he's curious about me. He asks me stuff—about me!"

Don and Sarah met in college at a party hosted by his fraternity. Don had to work up the courage to ask her to dance. "You're the hottest, blue-eyed blonde I've ever met," he told her. She frowned and asked him how many hot, blue-eyed blondes he'd ever met, let alone had. "Not that many," he admitted, with an embarrassed grin. They danced and drank and spent the rest of the night together.

She let him take her back to his dorm room, excited at the prospect of playing the hot blue-eyed blonde, but his gentleness surprised her. He undressed her gently and helped her into his bed under the covers. As she watched him take off his clothes, she noticed his growing erection, then burst out laughing when she realized he was too shy to remove his jockey shorts. "You smell so good," he whispered as he held her and kissed the nape of her neck. She couldn't resist telling him she was wearing Cashmere Mist. But after he'd fallen asleep, she looked at his face a long while.

"He's like a sweet little boy," she thought, as she snuggled up to him.

They were inseparable after that. They dated three times a week, slept in each other's rooms and she cheered for him at football games. Don was a pretty good quarterback, a fast runner and a strong thrower, but whenever he fumbled, Sarah saw the humiliation in his eyes. She knew how badly he felt and it saddened her that he could never talk to her about it.

Soon, they met each other's families. Their parents—who live only 10 miles apart from each other in the Hudson Valley—were ecstatic. "You're the perfect couple," they rhapsodized like a church choir.

"You're so patient and gentle with him, just what the boy needs," Don's father once confided to Sarah.

And Sarah's mother, in tears, once took Don aside and told him, "It's a joy to see how devoted you are to her, how you've put her up on a pedestal."

But by idealizing Sarah, Don had no idea that he was actually pushing her away from him. Keep reading...

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