Poems for Lonely Exes


Poems for Lonely Exes
We all have to be in that lonely place before we make a move to find someone.

believe time doesn’t heal all wounds;
I believe in getting flowers for no
reason; I believe “Give a Hoot, Don’t
Pollute,” “Reading is Fundamental,
Yankee Stadium belongs in the Bronx,
and the best bagels in New York are
boiled and baked on the corner of First
and 21st. I believe in Santa
Claus, Jimmy Stewart, ZuZu’s petals,
Arbor Day, and that ugly baby I keep
dreaming about—she lives inside me
opening and closing her wide mouth.
I believe she will never taste her
mother’s milk; she will never be
beautiful; she will always wonder what
it’s like to be born; and if you hold
your hand right here—touch me right
here, as if this is all that matters,
this is all you ever wanted, I believe
something might move inside me,
and it would be more than I could stand.

You have to let yourself fully feel the loneliness and yearning before you can reach out again to someone who makes you feel hopeful.

In our first meeting with someone who's just divorced or broken up with their lover, we take a full 2 hours to get a deeper understanding of what they're struggling with.  And sometimes we'll pick a poem like one of those above to show them we understand.

Andre Moore, Director of Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching in New York City




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