Brief Solution Focused Therapy For Couples


Brief Solution Focused Therapy For Couples
8 important things you should look for when seeking Brief Solution Focused Therapy
  1. A Solution Focused Therapist will:Look for openings to help couples discover solution building rather than problem definition language.
  2. Encourage couples to stretch more for each other so they can experience easier, more flexible give and take in their day to day relations.
  3. Help couples create new meanings and new ways of understanding old problems.
  4. Encourage lovers to own their own agendas without hiding from each other or going underground.
  5. Help couples enjoy their own unique values, opinions and attitudes in a lively, spirited, on-going debate that makes for a more exciting and passionate intimate relationship. The solution focused therapist will always help couples celebrate rather than hide their differences.
  6. Focus on solutions instead of dwelling on old problematic ways of understanding and suffering through old conflicts.
  7. Look for quick, actionable solutions over the course of 3 to 4 sessions.

More important than any of the above, a Brief Soltuion Focused Therapist will meet with you the first time for 2 full hours in order to get the insights required to focus your therapy on solutions in the short-term.

Andre Moore, M.A., Director, Marriage Couples Counseling and Life Coaching in New York City

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