Is Your Home A Safe Environment?


Is Your Home A Safe Environment?
Why you must pay attention to the sounds surrounding your child and why some toys are dangerous.
  1. Limit or eliminate noisy toys from your home. If you have a noisy toy that you want to keep, find a way to quiet it down by adjusting the volume or putting duct tape over the speakers.
  2. Establish “quiet times” during the day to help everyone reset their sensitivities. Build an appreciation of quiet into your home routine. This is when their senses are really allowed to develop in a natural and wonderful way.
  3. Eliminate all background noise from television, computers, electronics and other devices. If you are not watching it or using it, turn it off.
  4. Surround yourself with quality music which features a human voice. Pay attention to the music that comes in baby swings and other baby equipment. If it annoys you, it really annoys your baby. Respect your child’s growing sensitivities and expose them to quality sounds.
  5. Talk and sing to your baby. Your voice is the sweetest sound in their environment. Let your voice be heard.
  6. Watch Amy’s interview on Fox 23 about the importance of creating a safe sonic environment here.

Amy Robbins-Wilson, MA is a Musical Parenting Expert and Healing Music Artist. She is the award winning author of Transformational Mothering and the creator of the Mommy Jingles program. Sign up for your free Musical Parenting Video Tips at Learn more about Amy and her work at

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