Music: The Way To Better Sleep For Your Baby


Wondering how to get your child to sleep? Setting up a musical sleep cue works for everyone!

Be sure to only use the music when you want them to sleep! Again, clarity and consistency are key. If your baby is already born and you would like to set up a cue, choose your music and put it on or sing it when your baby is sleepy. They will soon come to associate the music with sleep and you will be able to move from sleep cuing the music, to music cuing sleep.

For A Toddler Or A Preschooler


You may involve them in helping to choose the music. You can listen and say something like "Oh, doesn't that sound like sleep music?" Let's put this on for our nap (or bedtime). Let it play and then snuggle up together. Choose something that you both like because it will be used over and over again for years! A New Dating Site For Single Moms

After you see your child falling to sleep to the music you can begin to distance yourself. For some children being wrapped snugly in a blanket, like in a cocoon, can be comforting. For others, having pillows all around can help. Get them comfortable and then sit beside the bed as you play the music for a few nights. Before you know it, you will be able to do your bedtime routine, put the music on, and leave them to their sleep.

If you are consistent you will see just how much this sleep cue helps in 2-4 weeks. And remember, sleep cues are not just for children! Adults who are having trouble sleeping can also benefit from a consistent musical cue. The Benefits Of Playing With Your Children

To help families get more sleep, we designed the ultimate mobile sleep cue app. It is called Angelsong Baby Sleep Deluxe and features 11 acapella lullabies that are perfect for cuing sleep and ensuring sweet dreams. It is all you need to set up a musical sleep cue and it is completely portable. I hope you will check it out here.

If you would like more information you can see me talking about sleep cues on Fox 23Sweet dreams! 5 Ways Better Sleep Leads To Better Sex

Amy Robbins-Wilson, MA is a Musical Parenting Expert and Healing Music Artist. She is the award winning author of Transformational Mothering and the creator of the Mommy Jingles program. Sign up for your free Musical Parenting Video Tips at Learn more about Amy and her work at

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