Ways To Encourage Free Play With Your Baby & Toddler


Ways To Encourage Free Play With Your Baby & Toddler
We all know play is important but how do we encourage it? Here are some fun and easy ideas.

Amy’s interview with Dr. James Sutton on the Changing Behavior Network
You may need to scroll down to January 31st 2012. The interview is in two parts.

Resources for further reading:
New York Times article on Free Play

Christian Science Monitor Relearning to Play

Amy Robbins-Wilson, MA is a Musical Parenting Expert and Healing Music Artist. She is the award winning author of Transformational Mothering and the creator of the Mommy Jingles program. Sign up for your free Musical Parenting Video Tips at http://www.lullaby-link.com. Learn more about Amy and her work at http://www.amyrobbinswilson.com

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