3 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Valentines Gifts


3 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Valentines Gifts
Get quick, easy, surprising, Valentine's gift ideas here - on the cheap!!!
  • Choose a piece of construction paper and fold it in half.
  • Decide on the size of the card you would like to make.
  • Next, cut out words and little pictures from magazines that evoke the emotion you feel for your main squeeze. 
  • Once you have a nice selection arrange them on the front and back of the card.
  • Now, it’s time to affix them to the paper.  You can do that with glue or tape or with modge podge (crafty person’s secret weapon!).  Use a small sponge brush and spread the modge podge on the paper under where you want to put a picture or word.  Stick it on there then gently spread the modge podge over it as well smoothing it out as necessary. 
  • Keep repeating this until you have attached all of the cut-outs you wanted to use.  Next use the modge podge and cover any areas that are open if you want the whole card to have a sheen.
  • Now decorate the inside with markers and use them to write a heartfelt Valentine’s message.  


3) Steamy Sexy CDCertain songs stir emotion and remind us of good times we have had together. If your guy or girl is into music make him a special CD with songs that express your feelings for him and then make a collage like CD cover for it. 



  • Create your custom playlist and burn the cd.
  • Now on the cover assemble words and pictures you cut out that express your loving feelings about your relationship.  Follow the instructions above in step two about how to collage to make the paper insert from the CD cover into a collage.  After it dries slide it back in.
  • Now cut out a coupon sized piece of paper and using colorful markers write down what you’d like to do to each other for each song on the CD.  Certain slow songs might perfect for a quick massage exchange.  Other high energy songs might be great for more explicit, vigorous activities.   Your wedding song would make a great naked slow dance song.
  • Stick the erotic coupon inside the CD case so when he opens it he’ll find the extra special surprise. 

Then put on some tunes and have some fun!

Amy Leigh Mercree is an entrepreneur, adventure guide, & internationally acclaimed author. Mercree is the author of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex & Soul Mates,” a keynote speaker, and workshop presenter.  She is on the faculty at Omega Institute in NY where she teaches workshops on Spiritual Romance.  Find her offerings at SpiritualGirlsGuide.com and LoveSeaVacations.com.

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