3 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Valentines Gifts


3 Amazing Do-It-Yourself Valentines Gifts
Get quick, easy, surprising, Valentine's gift ideas here - on the cheap!!!


Cupid’s celebratory love effervescence is sparkling through the air!  Commercials abound about cards, brilliant jewelry, and sumptuous flower arrangements ... but you’re on a budget!  How can you show that special someone that you care without spending your whole paycheck?


For Valentine's Day everybody likes to know how special they are. So, if you can talk about that and show your sweetie some of the great things about him or herself it makes them feel really loved and appreciated.  And an added bonus is you are teaching by example.  They might learn from you how to really show their love and you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of that one day soon.


Here are three creative love-sharing ideas to brighten up someone’s day:


1) A Golden Key to Your Heart ~ Symbolic ArtCreate a piece of art for your honey!


  • Trace a key shape onto a blank piece of cardboard.  You can use part of any box.
  • Make it larger than a usual key.  You can shape it like an old fashioned ornate key (even more romantic). 
  • Next cut out the shape so you have a cardboard key.   
  • Use gold marker and color in the whole key.  A shiny one from an arts and crafts store works great
  • Now, write all the things you love about your Valentine on it!  You can put things like: sexy, handsome, beautiful, hilarious, thoughtful, kind, innovative, fun, cheerful, great dad or mom, crafty, sensual, trustworthy, or saucy. 
  • Make sure you leave some space to write Happy Valentine’s Day! And sign it with your love.

This is a fun gift to leave on your sweetie’s pillow so he finds it before he goes to sleep.


2) Love Collage Card
Home made gifts are wonderful because you can really put a lot of emotion and caring into them.  Make your beloved a homemade card that is like a little collage.  Talk about all the special things about the relationship and how much you love the person.

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