Survival Kit for Dating in a Hectic World


Survival Kit for Dating in a Hectic World
Learn tips to honor yourself and actually have fun while dating!

How does he treat you on the date?  Does he open doors?  Does he really listen and is he fully present?  Does he treat you with complete respect?  Those are starting points to determine if he sees you and himself as sacred.  Listen to your intuition.  You will be able to sense the vibe pretty easily and quickly.
If your date does not clearly see you as sacred, move on.  Choose a fun night out with friends instead or go to an art opening or yoga workshop.  Cherish your sacredness and hold out for that in any potential relationships.  The fact is, you are a treasure and being single is fun and free and infinitely more attractive than being coupled with the wrong guy.  Make choices that support how wonderful you are.  And if you do not believe that you are wonderful, fake it till you make it.  Because in truth, you are. Just by being alive.
Learn how to feel sacred.  It is a level of internal self acceptance that creates true feelings of emotional safety.  This is crucial if you are going to be ready for an emotionally mature partnership with your soul mate.
Spiritual Dating is your answer to how to feel satisfied and enthusiastic about dating.  Date on YOUR terms.  Don’t settle for less than the sacred, emotionally safe love life you deserve!
Once you have cultivated self love and recognized your sacredness then you can put a bit of time into dating because you are ready and in a space to get better results.  Choose to take dating slowly at first until you figure out if the guy is right for you.  As a busy woman, you can ask yourself if a potential date sees himself as sacred?  No?  Lots of negative self talk and self destructive behaviors?  If you’re a spiritual dater, skip it.  Your time is precious! 
Then you can ask yourself if he sees you as sacred. Notice his behavior toward you.  Does he stare at your chest when you are talking?  Does he engage emotionally in an authentic and kind way that feels healthy and right to you? Or better yet ask him!  Explain the concept of spiritual dating simply and ask him if he sees you and and himself as sacred.  If he can’t hang with the sacredness, you can save time and energy by waiting for a better quality guy.
When you find a guy who fits these criteria, start spiritually dating!  Really get to know each other.  Give yourselves some time to connect before jumping into the land of intimacy and hormones.  Those heady lust chemicals can make an okay guy seem like a sensitive adonis!  Keep a clear head and look at your compatibility.  At the same time feel if you have fun together, if you click, if there is an exciting sexual and sensual chemistry brewing.  Suss out his plans for his future and compare it to yours.  Do you fit well together?  Choose to be very self aware and be mindful of the dates you go on.  Create a brand new paradigm in your own love life!  You can do it!
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