Blerg! 4 Valentine’s Day Love Lessons from Liz Lemon!


Blerg! 4 Valentine’s Day Love Lessons from Liz Lemon!
Take a trip down our favorite quirky, hilarious female lead, Liz Lemon’s romantic memory lane.

4) Have faith that things will work out for the best because they usually do - even on Valentine’s Day.  In the second to last season Liz had found a boyfriend she resonated with.  This was a huge thing for her after Dennis Duffy the beeper king (Dean Winters), “that tall gangly guy who was always playing guitar (Conan O’Brien), and the Swiss prostitute Anders recommended by Martha Stewart.  Then she and Criss, her new guy, had a huge fight in Ikea over a dining room table.  A depressed Liz thinks all is lost.  Another guy gone.  So, she is pleasantly surprised to get home to him cooking dinner because he said he doesn’t mind when they disagree. 
Ultimately, what is for the best for you is going to work out even if you encounter some bumps along the way.  And that goes for every day, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Grandparents Day, or Flag Day, or Ex Spouse’s Day (April 14th).


Give Liz Lemon the ultimate salute this month by proudly being yourself, quirks and all.  And revel in the fact that you and all women are hilarious, complex, interesting, innovative, real people who are all worthy of love.

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