Do You Follow These 4 Relationship Rules?


change of strategy
Insight that can help you bypass the drama and obtain a successful relationship!

Instead of falling into these traps, show up in your relationships fully aware so that your choices are conscious, not just repetition of what comes naturally. Get clear on exactly what you want your relationship to feel like. Make your own happiness so that you don't keep someone else on the hook for it. And give freely of yourself, no matter what, with no agenda.

Consider these a-ha’s to be relationship pain-deterrent. The formula — as I've experienced myself and seen in many others — for becoming a recovered relationship sufferer. They are well worth your effort, trust me.

Dr. Amy Johnson wrote a relationship advice column for years … and now she's about to GIVE AWAY all her best advice! To get on the list for a FREE copy of her upcoming ebook containing her best relationship advice, head over to her website and sign up for her newsletter.

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