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Can A Life Coach Truly Help Me?


Can A Life Coach Truly Help Me?
Are you ready for a Life Coach?
Have you ever felt stuck or overwhelmed? Could a life coach be just what you need to move forward?

How Does a Life Coach Help?

Have you ever felt stuck, or overwhelmed or just know you want your life to be different from what it is now? As a Life Coach, I love to empower clients to get clear on what they most want. I trust that my clients are brilliant, capable and whole as well as the best experts on themselves on the planet.

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Many clients I work with have spent so much of their lives supporting and helping other people that they may even feel selfish asking for what it is they want or even acknowledging what they do want. Together we come up with a plan.

One bite-sized step at a time to empower my coaching clients to create what they most want in their lives including personal and professional growth, health and relationships. Coaches who work with clients in all areas of life are often called life coaches,  personal coaches or professional coaches. I like the term transformation coach because I believe masterful life coaching is transformational.

Does Life Coaching Change Me And What Is Transformation?

The change or transformation that occurs in life coaching is not about changing who you are on the inside but just the opposite.  Transformation occurs when you get in touch with your inner wisdom,  your dreams, values, gifts and talents and purpose. I specialize in empowering clients to trust their gut and use that inner wisdom to create the outcomes they most want. My clients gain clarity, confidence and direction.They then feel confident in fooling through and making things happen.

What Can I Gain From A Life Coach?

Joan felt stuck and uncertain for years. She had put her family first and had given up her dreams of starting her own business. She felt selfish in pursuing what she loved and she lacked clarity and the belief in herself to move forward. In coaching with me she gained clarity and confidence in herself. She started small and each session reports more wins. Daily she takes time to work on her business. She is off and running as an entrepreneur. She now trusts her inner wisdom and values herself, and finds more joy and happiness each day in her life. As a Life Coach and a Relationship Coach, I work with clients on both professional and relationship issues.

What Does Great Coaching Look Like?

Great coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Great coaching may take you further than you have even imagined.  Coaching can both challenge and support you. Coaching questions and challenges you, holding you to higher standards and levels of accountability. Coaches empower you to be resilient and move beyond your disappointments. Coaches love to hear of your wins, your successes and your aha moments. What do you most want? Coaching can give you the tools and support to make it happen.

Can I Be Your Coach?

How would you most benefit from having a coach? I specialize in coaching professional women to gain clairty in who they are, confidence in what they want to create in the next chapter of their life and...the courage to make it happen. What would you like to create in the next chapter of your life? Contact Amelia Barnes Inner Outcomes for more information.

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Amelia Barnes

Life Coach

Amelia Barnes, Life and Relationship Coach

Love yourself and create the life of your dreams!

Inspiring women in midlife to have clarity in who they are, confidence in what they want to create in the next chapter of their life ... and the courage to make it happen. Amelia empowers people pleasers, perfectionists and procrastinators to create the next chapter of their lives.  

Download 7 Tips to Create the Next Chapter of Your Life and register to recieve more helpful tips from Amelia.

Call Amelia today to schedule a complimentary coaching session to see if you and Amelia are a good fit for coaching at 317.688.7278 or email her at Amelia@InnerOutcomes.com.


Location: Indianapolis, IN
Credentials: LMHC, MA, MBA
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