5 Tricks That Help You Get Hit On


5 Tricks That Help You Get Hit On
Want the guys to come flocking? Just do the following...

5. Make Eye Contact. If you’ve spotted a hottie and want to lure him over, nothing says “come hither” like a little eye contact. The key is to make eye contact, and hold it until it starts to make you feel a little uncomfortable, hold it for one more second…then look away. Some girls prefer the “look, look-linger” method. Make eye contact for a second, look away, then look back at him and hold it. Making eyes at him gives him permission to make a move on you.

There’s a reason that when it rains it pours, and when you’re not looking you find someone. The reason is when you’re out and about, just trying to have a good time, and are genuinely having fun—you radiate. You look like the type of girl that’s fun to be with, independent, and not trying to hard to impress anyone. You look like the type of girl that makes guys wonder: “Sooo….you come here often?”

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