Forget A Guy In Just 7 Days!


moving on
This Valentine's Day, spend a week fully getting over your ex! Here's how...

Sunday 2/19: Reconnect. Along with neglecting ourselves when we're in a relationship, we often neglect our friends and family. Or at the very least, we don't spend as much time with them as we would like. Take this weekend to reestablish your friendships and reach out to family members you may not have spoken to in a while. Remember how much love there is in your life—love that has nothing to do with a guy.

Monday 2/20: Back on the prowl. There is always some good that comes with getting a guy out of your life. And at the very least, that good is having the freedom of being single. There are plenty of eligible guys all around you. (I know, I traveled around the country and talked to over 1,000 of them!) Now you have the freedom; to flirt with them, date them, and if you feel like it, take them home. The guy you're leaving behind probably wasn't the first...and he's not going to be the last. When you open your eyes to it, there really are a whole lot of fish in the sea.  Start your week off right with a declaration to go find them!


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Amber Madison is an author, lectuer, and sex educator.  For her most recent book, Are All Guys Assholes? she traveled around the country and interviewed over 1,000 men about sex, dating, and relationships.  Need clarification your ex is an A-hole?  Download the A Hole Tester App based on information from the book.  

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