5 Facts That Prove Men Aren't All Commitment-Phobes

5 Facts That Prove Men Aren't All Commitment-Phobes

5 Facts That Prove Men Aren't All Commitment-Phobes

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They aren't all hard-wired to spread their seed, and other important truths you need to know.

Fact: Females have a biological clock.

Not a fact: This means guys have the upper hand in dating relationships.

It's true that a guy could impregnate a woman when he's 70 (though there's research suggesting his 70-year-old sperm isn't exactly the cream of the crop). But beyond the fact that not many men actually want to have kids at age 70, if a guy wants to start a family, he needs a woman.

Yes, we women can only have children for a limited time period, but we can have them on our own (see above re: sperm donation). Women may have a limited amount of time to pull the trigger, but the gun is in our hands. If a man wants to have kids, he has to be chosen by one of us to do it.

Guys don't have the upper hand in relationships because our clock is ticking, we have the upper hand because we have a clock in the first place.

Fact: Some studies show men have had more casual sex/cheat more than women.

Not a fact: Men are completely driven by sex.

The difference between men and women's sexual behavior isn't actually that significant. Almost a third of women have had more casual sex than the average man. And the newest studies suggest that men and women are cheating in almost equal amounts. Navigating Life's Big Changes With Ease

The problem with these numbers is that they're all based on self-report. We're not following around men and women and documenting their sexual behavior, we're asking them to tell us about it. And in a society where it's not as acceptable for women to be promiscuous, can we expect women to report their numbers accurately?

According to some studies, no. Many women fudge their numbers lower to avoid being judged. The point is, the measureable difference between men and women's sexuality is small. And even that difference can likely be accounted for by cultural standards rather than innate differences in sexual desire.

Fact: Men's brains look different than women's brains.

Not a Fact: These differences explain why men just want sex/are communicative idiots.

According to one neurobiologist who studies sex differences in the brain, "It’s impossible to prove how these structural differences would account for different feelings, attitudes, and behaviors." Basically, just because men might have a bigger or smaller brain part doesn't mean you can jump to the conclusion that it has anything to do with the way guys think or act.

Again, we can create a theory based on a scientific fact and our stereotypes about men (e.g. that they can't communicate), but even though the theory includes a fancy sounding brain part, that doesn't make it true. Are You Ready To Start Dating Again?

The point is, even science is not free from stereotypes. And if, culturally, we're sold on the ideas that men value sex but not commitment, we can find a way for numbers to back up that case. But really all those numbers are proving is that we have a stereotype in the first place, not that the stereotype is necessarily accurate.

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