Are All Guys A**holes?


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Newsflash! Not all men are commitment-phobic sex freaks.

Dating books are the worst. They explain elaborate rules a girl needs to follow in order to convince a guy to be in a relationship, or theorize about the "biological urges" responsible for men's insatiable desire for sex. But these "dating gurus" overlook the simple fact that guys aren't actually jerks, even if they do play ones on TV. Don't Let Attraction Blind You To Dating Dealbreakers

I would never have guessed that so many of the guys I surveyed were looking for girlfriends. They all put on a macho front when I handed them the survey, saying things like, "Oh it's about sex, hell yeah!" Or, "Is this going to help me get laid?" But their private answers told a much different story than their public words. The sad reality is, our idea of what's "manly" in the relationship realm is connected with being an asshole. And though deep down we don't want guys to be assholes, when a guy acts sensitively he risks being (or at least feeling) emasculated.


So here is the ironically twisted truth of it all: guys will talk as though they're macho, sex-hungry, and relationship averse because they want to look like "Alpha Males" so that you will want to be their girlfriend. It's annoying, counter-intuitive, and even a little shameful — because as women we've sent them the message to act this way as much as everyone else.

But the truth is, guys aren't actually that bad. And though men and women may act very differently on the outside, on the inside, we're all pretty much the same. Nice Guys Are The New Bad Boys: 5 Signs He'll Break Your Heart


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