8 Sex Moves Guys Hate


8 Sex Moves Guys Hate
Are any of them in your repertoire?

7. The Red Eye. Most guys will agree that reverse cowgirl is a hot position. That being said, it’s the safest to stay upright in this position. If you lean forward and grab his ankles not only are you risking bending his penis the wrong way, you’re giving him an unsolicited view of your ass hole. Asses are hot, the actual hole…. the verdict is still out for many guys.
8. The Water Slide. From time to time, lubrication is necessary. There are many things that make good lubricants: KY Jelly, lotion, saliva, even conditioner if you’re giving a hand job in the shower. One thing that doesn’t make a good lubricant: water. Water actually just adds to the chaffing. If you are giving a hand job and need some extra lubricant, reach for the lotion, not the faucet.



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