4 Tricks Your Dog Can Teach You!


4 Tricks Your Dog Can Teach You!
Love lessons from a very important member of your family...your dog!

3. Loyalty and intimacy are important. Men need intimacy and loyalty. Intimacy is not only sex. It is a trust and a bond that comes from a close, personal, and quiet relationship. For men, knowing they have their “wing man” is a sign of intimacy. They find this easily in a dog. When a woman gossips, spends hours talking about her relationship woes to her girlfriends, or accidentally embarrasses her man in front of friends, the intimacy is lost. Although you did not mean to “hurt” your man, you did. You betrayed a trust, a loyalty, a silent bond that men internally crave. Men take their dogs for walks and open up to them. Dogs don’t talk back, nag, and can keep their personal thoughts or actions a secret. Learn from Basco: next time you decide to tell five of your friends about your fight or tell people you are late because HE overslept, you are about to ruin your intimacy and have just placed a few more bricks on the wall that is coming between you and your man! Help! Three Kids And No Sex Life                                                                       

4. Learn to play. Smile more, joke more, and most of all laugh more with your man. Do you remember when you were first dating and you used to laugh all the time? Things did not appear so serious or structured. He was drawn to you. Even though now there may be children, bills, and strenuous issues in life, you still need to remain upbeat and laugh. Grab your man and go toss a football around, take long walks, have a pillow fight! Men always take five minutes out of their day to rough house or play with a dog. It is a way of winding down with a loyal friend. Try and do that daily with your man. All it takes is a five minute break from reality to keep your sparks alive. I can guarantee getting down on your knees with a rope in your mouth will make him smile and even turn him on! Learn from Basco: bring life back to your relationship and become your man’s best friend.

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