4 Tricks Your Dog Can Teach You!


4 Tricks Your Dog Can Teach You!
Love lessons from a very important member of your family...your dog!

A man’s best friend is a dog. It may be an idiom or an expression, but the fact that it even exists is something to look at. Dogs are the most popular household pet for men. They offer companionship, loyalty, unconditional love and laughter. They never nag and are always playful. 4 Ways To Not Annoy Your Man

If you are having problems in your relationship, try taking a few tips from your family pet! Anyone can tell you that having a pet of any kind can increase your level of love and can make you happier. No matter how tired you feel, no one can resist Basco when he comes up begging to go for a walk? And nobody can disagree with the fact that people become more relaxed and affectionate when their dog or cat comes to them to say hello and asks for a gentle pet.


Why can’t men react this way to women? Is it the idea that Basco won’t nag him when he leaves the toilet seat up, or the fact that Basco will sit with him quietly on the couch and enjoy the entire football game? Or maybe it’s the fact that after a long day of work, Basco doesn’t complain about the kids, the bills, or why you haven’t bought him dog treats in a few weeks. No matter what it is about Basco, if we look closely at the relationship between man and dog, we too can become man’s best friend. How To Handle A Breakup On Facebook

For one week, take the following advice from Basco and see if there is a difference in your relationship:

1. Choose your battles. Is it really worth it to ask him repeatedly to put down the toilet seat or pick up his dirty laundry? If this seems to be a never ending battle that you keep losing, then stop nagging about it. Having a companion means having someone to fulfill your needs, someone to talk to, someone who listens to you and knowing that someone is there for you no matter what. Dogs fulfill this need in men. There is no nagging and no fighting. So for one week zip your lip, and choose your battles wisely. Is it going to torture you to put the toilet seat down yourself? Let’s see if your man notices a difference in you and wants to spend more time with you.

2. Unconditional love is key. Humans are the only species that will punish each other over and over for a mistake made in the past! Animals never do this! Stop throwing past mistakes, fights or incidents in your man’s face. If you can let go of the pain and hurt, and have chosen to forgive him, then you need to stop rehashing the past. Once you have chosen to honestly forgive someone, it is time to move on with the situation. Anger and resentment only build walls which can destroy a relationship. Unconditional love is when you love someone through the good and the bad with no anger, no strings and no disappointments. If you could look at your man the way Basco looks at him, he may be more willing to express and give love when he is receiving it purely. The Most Important Words You May Have To Say

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