How To Catch A Good Man


How To Catch A Good Man
Men have always had a natural instinct to hunt. Let them ladies.

Real men want to settle down and carry on their life with a wife and children just as much as women do. Never force a man though; their biological clocks are programmed a little differently than ours are. But they are still programmed. A play boy type of hunter will not be that into you, but will give you hints here and there to keep you interested. He will become a challenge to catch you, keep you on your toes, will disappear for a day or two at a time or have a crazy story to tell. He may blow you off for two days and sweep you off your feet the next day. BE AWARE. If this continues more than two months, he may be using you. If you put up with that behavior, he will take advantage of it. He may be looking for sex, or he may not want to be alone, so he is “using” your companionship until he finds his prey. Never settle. Don’t believe that you will be the one to change his “player” ways. Most likely it will be the woman who is unavailable, and allows him to naturally be the hunter. Have some self respect and find the need to be treated like a princess. Men will climb mountains for a woman they want. LET HIM.

5) Men Climb Mountains When They Are In Love.


When a hunter catches his prey, he usually goes to a taxidermist, has it stuffed and shows off his catch with pride. A man, who loves you and wants to be with you, will treat you like his prize princess. He will call you when he says he will, text you, bring you around his family and friends at his own pace, in his own time. But you will know you have been “caught” by the perfect hunter when the feelings are mutual and the relationship flows very nicely. There is an amazing feeling in itself, to have been pusued, caught, and you are now the prize. When life takes its natural instinctual course, the rewards are beautiful. Have faith.


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