One Week Until My Long-Awaited Wedding Day!


One Week Until My Long-Awaited Wedding Day!
How I'm feeling about our upcoming nuptials and this huge event we've been planning for over a year!

We hired the band that was playing when we first met on the dance floor - how cool is that? During set break, there will be several amazing guest musicians and other performances such as fire spinners, break dancing, electric hula hoopers, belly dancers and other surprises! We will party under the stars until 10:00 PM, then retire to the nearby campground where a rented retro Airstream awaits us. I’m sure we’ll be up all night with sitting around the campfire, talking and laughing, as most of our guests will be camping there with us.

This upcoming wedding weekend will truly be the highlight of our lives, and I am incredibly grateful for all the love and support at this time. It is all such a marvelous co-creation of epic proportion! I’m amazed and delighted how everything continues to flow into a grand realization of excellence! I take a deep breath as I end this article, knowing that all is well and everything will be picture perfect... and so it is.

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