Why Holding ON To Your Ex Means Holding OFF On Your Life


Why Holding ON To Your Ex Means Holding OFF On Your Life
EXcommunicate your former flame and EXhilarate your future.

Ultimately, when you feel a void, looking for distractions to fill it is actually the best way to keep yourself spinning in circles. When you create the space for sadness, you create the opportunity to be sick of the sadness. With continual, short term “fixes” we actively block ourselves from realizing that we can’t get what we truly want if we don’t let go of what we had, that didn’t work. As you take those first steps back into the dating world, remember to be mindful; be present to the moment so that you don’t rob that new person of the opportunity to show you what kind of love they can bring to the table of your life.

It’s never been said that being alone is easy. But it does provide the opportunity to find what you are truly looking for down the road. When you choose the bravery of loneliness you Usher in the opportunity for wholeness. Don’t you deserve EXcitement, EXtreme joy and EXuberance? Kick your ex to the curb and watch the EXultation unfold. Heidi Klum and Seal take note!

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