Is Technology Damaging Our Relationships?


Is Technology Damaging Our Relationships?
Keyboards, phones and instant messages, oh my! How these gadgets are really effecting our lives.

Disruption to Our Real Moments of Meaning
- Ever sat at dinner with a friend or loved one and missed the conversation because you were on your Blackberry, checking your twitter feed, surfing the web or reading an email? It takes enough of a toll to engage in these behaviors during our work day. Don’t let it ruin your free time and the opportunity to strengthen your relationships after work or on the weekends.

Bottom line: A virtual life is not a real life. A 140 character Tweet is no substitute for a relationship. Make a date to re-engage with your life. Get face to face with your partner, mother, father, sister, brother or friend and watch your life and connections really come alive.


Bottom line recommendation: Everything in moderation, my dear.

You’re now officially up to speed on some of the potential downfalls of virtual communication, which is great, because I have to run and take care of much more relevant issues. Afterall, my Facebook account won’t check itself, now will it? :) 

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