Facebook Syndrome: Do You Have The Disease?


Facebook Syndrome: Do You Have The Disease? [EXPERT]
What to do when you fall victim to Facebook syndrome & how to cure the disease.

Take a virtual sledgehammer to everything you thought you knew about your Facebook friends, their lives and what you thought you needed to do to compete with them. Make a choice to develop a realistic appraisal of life in general by reminding yourself that no one—no matter what perception may dictate—has it easy. No one gets off scot-free and no one has a free pass. Release yourself from the self imposed shackles that force you into a life of pointless and inaccurate ruminations. Surf your newsfeed when you're bored or simply because you want to check in with your friends. Change your profile picture because you want to shake it up and do something new for you and nobody else but you. Watch your anxiety slip away.

If you are finding this paradigm shift too hard to manage, start to examine what makes it so difficult and why the need for attention/relevance is so great. It might just be time to seek counseling to get some outside feedback, tools and support. Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?


Most importantly, always remember the beauty that awaits you outside the confines of your laptop. There are roses to smell, walks to take, restaurants to try and friends to speak to (gasp – in person!) Forget what I'm talking about? It might just be time to step away from Facebook to cure that nasty disease.

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