When Texting Becomes Sexting


When Texting Becomes Sexting
Wanna spice things up in your love life? There's an easy solution right in the palm or your hand.

Sexting can spice up an already existing relationship by allowing both partners to feel more freedom sharing thoughts about intimacy in the bedroom and beyond. Someone who is shy about asking for something intimate face-to-face might feel more empowered to do so when there is a little distance and a feeling of anonymity.  Start up a conversation in the afternoon and you’ll be amazed what may be waiting for you when you get home.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you walked in to a candle lit room and a nice bottle of wine instead of the usual sports game on TV.  

I would like to leave you with a word of warning, let’s leave the naked body parts to those who have been paid lots of money to share them and members of Congress.  I’d really hate for a risqué pic to come back, and pardon my French here, bite you in the ass. With awareness and caution, you can use all of the tools at your disposal to have a fun, sexy, but safe time with your partner and heighten your sex lives together.


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