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More than just words...

More than just words...
Heartbreak, Self

Why do people say whatever they want without seriously considering the overall impact?

In a relationship, whether you are married or dating, if you want it to work first except the fact that neither of you are perfect. This is not an excuse not to try. Also realize you are different. People deal with emotions differently. 

Stress: do you need to be alone, go for a walk, have a drink, cuddle with a loved one or talk endlessly on the phone... How do you deal with stress?

Angry: Are you physically, emotionally or verbally destructive? Do you go off by yourself or do you cry? How do you deal with anger?

Men and women tend to deal with stress and anger differently. They both influence a persons emotions and they also influence health. These feelings tend to generate destructive words. How would you feel if you're told these words after you've made a commitment to someone, "I never did love you." What if you shared a deep personal secret and then had it verbally thrown back at you in the context of an argument? Women, how do you feel when you find out your pregnant and the man says, I know you're not planning to have it...or he say's "you trapped me." Thinking about these scenarios, how would these words make you feel?

Words can be destructive. What experience have you had with words that have had a deep impact in your life? Words can also be edifying. Please share how words have helped or destroyed you in someway. How would you suggest the words could have been used differently?

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