What To Do When You Have To Wear A Swimsuit


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Don't panic. Get the dos and don'ts for looking good in a swimsuit ... no matter what your shape!

DON'T assume other people's judgment. You don't really know what other people are thinking, and honestly it doesn't matter what they think.  Imagine seeing someone you think doesn't look good in a swimsuit, but they could care less. Who is affected by the judgment? Judgment is really a reflection of the person doing the judging and how they feel about themselves. On your trip, let it go.

DO find a swimsuit that fits you properly and is designed to look more slimming. You don't even have to go to the mall to try them on. Check out the following sites for help finding a good bathing suit to flatter your assets. Cyberswim.com offers the Miraclesuit, SwimsuitsForAll.com has flattering plus size suits, Spanx.com now sells bathing suits, and LLBean.com continues to carry TrimShaper suits.


DO pretend you look fabulous. What you tell yourself determines how you feel about yourself. When you act as if you are beautiful, even if you don't really believe it, you radiate more confidence and sex appeal. You also feel happier and more attractive. When my clients experiment with pretending they look great, they discover they really do feel differently and often become motivated to eat better and exercise. Are You An Emotional Eater?

DO focus on what is really important in your relationship. Your significant other loves you for many reasons, and a vacation gives you both a chance to reconnect with those special qualities. A getaway trip is also a great way to rekindle your passion and focus on each other. 

DO be grateful for the trip and enjoy the experience. The trip is booked, so be grateful to your honey for this wonderful gift of going to a warmer climate. All he wants is to please you, and letting him know how excited you are is going to make him happy. Sunbathing & Other Natural Aphrodisiacs

You are now ready to go with a positive attitude, a new swimsuit, and a determination not to get caught up in self-comparisons or self-judgment.  Bon Voyage! For more tips on how to feel good in your body and boost your confidence, get a free e-book on how to Feel Your Personal Best from our expert. 5 Steps to Getting & Then Staying Motivated

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