My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?


My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?
If you can’t get your mate to change, try these 9 tips to get them motivated for themselves.

Don’t sabotage their efforts
You may think you know best and can help your sweetheart by either denying specific foods or rewarding with treats.  That doesn’t help at all.  Nor does pushing someone to be better or make better choices.  They aren’t you, and if you push, they will rebel and get angry.  Let them discover that the more they do that feels good to their body, the more healthy things they will want to do, particularly if they aren’t trying to measure up to someone else’s expectations.  

The worst thing you can do is make the one you love feel guilty, ashamed or bad about themselves.  That will backfire.  It is human nature to resist doing anything for yourself when you have low self-esteem, just as it is normal to turn to food to avoid painful feelings or shame. 


As Martin learned, the best thing you can do is help your partner feel good about their choices and about themselves by supporting them in a non-threatening way.  By doing little things that made healthier decisions easier, Ellen started to make small changes and feel good about her little successes.  Martin didn’t try to take the credit or push her to do more; he was simply there to listen and be supportive.  A year later, Ellen had slimmed down and became the one who wanted to take an active vacation and encouraged Martin to run with her in a 5k.  The same could happen in your relationship.

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