My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?


My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?
If you can’t get your mate to change, try these 9 tips to get them motivated for themselves.

Keep healthy snacks and water around
One of the main reasons people overeat and binge on junk food and sweets is because they get so hungry they go for the easiest food and then can’t stop eating out of a compulsion to make up for not getting enough food earlier.  The way to avoid that is to have healthy snacks on hand in the house, in the car, in your bags or in the office – for yourself and your partner.  Water is also important.  When you don’t get enough water, you deplete your energy and your metabolism slows down. 

Take a cooking class together
Cooking can be fun
, and a cooking class is a great way to do something together, taste new interesting foods and get recipe ideas.  The class doesn’t have to be just about healthy food.  The idea is to learn some cooking techniques, discover new flavors and be open to cooking at home.  It is easier to prepare healthy foods for your sweetie, if you both know how to cook or have some recipes you like.


Suggest some easy activities
Try suggesting activities you can do together that sound fun and don’t take lots of time or exceeds your partner’s physical capabilities.  You want to make being active inviting instead of intimidating, such as birding, walking a nature trail with great views, seeing a great view that takes some stairs, dancing, taking a ballroom dance class, or anything enjoyable that requires limited exertion.  Baby steps are the key to getting them interested in doing even more active outings.

Offer to be a walking buddy  
Your partner probably assumes you would not be interested in walking with them on a regular basis.  Yet you might actually enjoy that.  Martin did, and Ellen was totally amazed.  She knew she couldn’t walk as fast or as far, and she thought Martin would hate walking with her.  But that wasn’t true.  He enjoyed getting time with her after work, and he loved that it was outdoors and doing something active.  So if you think it is appropriate, offer to be a walking buddy, even if the pace is slower than you prefer at first.

Be loving and non-judgmental
It is so easy to judge others for being overweight, yet you don’t know what they are dealing with or why it is so hard for them to change.  Honestly neither does your significant other, who also struggles to understand why they don’t do as they know they should.  And the more they try, often the worse it gets, because the real problem is not lack of willpower or intelligence.  The problem is buried deep in their subconscious beliefs and emotions, which drives choices and behavior unconsciously on autopilot.

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