My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?


My Significant Other is Obese, What Should I Do?
If you can’t get your mate to change, try these 9 tips to get them motivated for themselves.

You wish your sweetheart took better care of themselves and weren’t so overweight, but whenever you try to help, it backfires.  You’ve tried friendly suggestions, cooked up healthy meals, kept cookies and ice cream out of the house, and resisted saying too much.  Yet it bothers you that your significant other is only getting heavier and doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it, and it is affecting how you feel about them.  Now what?

Martin had the same problem with his girlfriend Ellen, and more than once she told him to back off when he tried to give advice or encourage her to make changes.  He loves her, but he wasn’t sure he could stay with her if she didn’t start taking care of her health and losing some weight.


The truth is, you can’t force anyone to change, no matter how nice you try to be about it.  But you can make it easier for them to make those changes for themselves.  As we all know, when it is just as easy to get a delicious hearty salad as it is to grab a bag of cookies, it is more likely we will have the salad and maybe a cookie or two to go with it. 

If our environment makes it simpler and easier to make healthier choices, than we are more inclined to do them.  This is why more businesses and communities are working to provide easier access to walking areas, healthy foods and fitness support. 

You can do the same for your partner.  Here are 9 tips that will help you do that.

Have healthy foods in the house
To make it easier for both of you to eat well, you need to stock your refrigerator and freezer with healthy foods that are fast to make, easy to dress up and taste really good.  These days it is easy to find good frozen foods, pre-cut vegetables and very simple fast recipes. 

But do not remove unhealthy food from the house in an attempt to force healthier choices.  Your mate will only go out and get more of that food out of anger and a genuine fear of deprivation.

Buy healthy meals or a meal service
If you don’t want to prepare meals yourself, get healthy to-go options at your favorite restaurant or grocery store, and look for a service that delivers meals.  You may be surprised how affordable these options are.  Everyone prefers healthy foods if they taste good, including vegetables.  You may be surprised how much your significant other looks forward to these balanced healthy meals.

Suggest healthier restaurants
Some restaurants are healthier than others, and more places are providing locally sourced foods, which often includes more vegetables and cleaner foods.  Go exploring to see what new healthy restaurants have popped up in the area, and make it a date night.  The goal isn’t to stay on a diet but to find delicious well balanced fare, so it’s easier to make a healthier choice.

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