Is a Medically-Supervised Diet Right for You?


Is a Medically-Supervised Diet Right for You?
Dieting to lose weight for a special occasion? What you should know before starting any extreme diet

You want to look beautiful for your wedding or some other event, and you want a guarantee of losing a certain number of pounds. 

The truth is, the only way to achieve that is by doing an extreme diet that severely cuts your calories and having something help you to maintain that diet to reach your goal.  Which is why the feeding tube diet has its advocates and Jessica Schnaider chose it for herself.  But is it – or any other medically-supervised diet - right for you?  Is it the right thing to do for your health?  Or will it really make you happy in the end? 


Nicole wanted to lose weight and joined a program offered by her doctor.  She was given a liquid diet of 800 calories a day plus supplements for eight weeks before her wedding.  Nicole lost so much weight, her dress had to be reconstructed to fit her new size.  She loved how she looked, and walked down the aisle feeling beautiful.  Yet only two weeks later, she was struggling to get into her skinny jeans again, and she was feeling guilty about how quickly she was regaining the weight.  

She was embarrassed, didn’t want her husband to see or touch her, and she avoided the camera.  When she learned she was pregnant a few months later, her excitement was short term.  The baby wasn’t developing properly because, unknown to her, she had become diabetic.  After losing the baby, she turned to food to comfort herself.  On her first wedding anniversary, she couldn’t look at her wedding pictures.  She was angry with herself for becoming so fat, the strain in her marriage and losing her baby. 

It doesn’t have to end like this. 

Losing weight and feeling good about yourself feels amazing, and for some people that feeling is worth the extreme dieting experience even if it only lasts a couple of days or a few weeks.  For most people, however, it isn’t worth it. 

Extreme diets cause a lower metabolism, malnutrition and muscle loss. When the diet is over, your mind wants all the foods you were deprived of and your body shifts into a fat-storing mode.  The result is inevitable: overeating, eating unhealthy foods, higher body fat levels and significant weight gain. 

Would it be worth it to you?   Have you ever seen pictures when you were slimmer and then found yourself angry or upset with your current weight?  What happened then?  Did you get motivated to get back into shape or did you turn to emotional eating or shift into denial and give up?  Was it worth it to do a radical diet only to put on more weight afterwards? 

Perhaps for you there is a better way than extreme dieting to feel beautiful on your special day.

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