How To Be More Confident In The Bedroom


How To Be More Confident In The Bedroom [EXPERT]
This little-known secret turned my sex life from good to amazing!! It also changed my life.

What a turn on for him. My confidence is not just in how I look; it is how I use my body and my new found freedom of being myself as an equal in the bedroom.  I am no longer trying to hide who I am but rather I celebrate it and play with it. 

Even better, there are so many more things I can do now that I am in shape. I thought I had a good idea of all the possible positions and moves you can have with a man and I probably did for being unfit.


Everything changes when you have upper and lower body strength and you are aerobically fit. With a creative and willing partner, which I now am, the sky is no longer the limit. What we can do, how far we can go and how good it feels is mind blowing. 

I often think of Kendra Wilkinson and the sex room she and Hank have to play in. They are super fit, and I can only begin to imagine how much fun they have and we know they do!

It saddens me that I spent so many years focused on the wrong thing, thinking being thin was all that mattered for being sexy. All I got from that was a pre-occupation with dieting and the struggle to be thin or good enough, which only lowered my self-confidence, stamina and sexiness. 

Fortunately I discovered Kendra's secret and am having almost as much fun as she is. 12 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Relationship

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