How Cheating On Your Diet Helps You Lose Weight


How Cheating On Your Diet Helps You Lose Weight [EXPERT]
When you deprive yourself of the foods you love most, your diet will inevitably fail.

The solution is to give yourself permission to have all the foods you love as part of your diet. You can call it "cheating," but that only recreates feelings of being bad and feeling guilty, which drive emotional overeating and bingeing. Instead, cheating only works when you don't believe it is cheating. 

The word 'cheating' suggests there are bad foods you shouldn't have and that if you had them, you are bad and will gain weight or not be able to lose weight. That is simply not true; you can eat any food in moderation, particularly if it is part of a healthy balanced diet. This is what Clair, Mike, Tiffany, Nancy and Betsy learned. By eating more of the foods they wanted during the day in a healthy way, they no longer felt deprived or in need of rewarding themselves for being so good in the evening or when their diets stopped. 


They also discovered something they would never have believed: They no longer wanted to overindulge in bad food once they had permission to eat them. They were finding they were easily satisfied by less and that overeating and bingeing wasn't enjoyable. Nancy couldn't believe it when she actually threw away half her big cookie, because she really didn't want any more of it.

Nancy was no longer craving for more. Now she could actually focus on tasting her food and being fully satisfied with less of it. 

When you don't let yourself have what you want, you will eat excessively in an attempt to gain that elusive satisfaction. Better to go ahead and cheat, and let yourself have the food you love. You will have less of it and have greater success with achieving and maintaining weight loss. What To Do When You Have To Wear A Swimsuit

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