Christina Aguilera Gave Up Her Scale: Should You?


Christina Aguilera Gave Up Her Scale: Should You?
Celebrities know the secrets to looking great. Learn the 5 reasons so many are ditching the scale.

Weight is mostly water
When you are feeling fat and your clothes aren’t fitting as well, you can’t tell if the issue is excess water weight or a real change in your level of body fat.  Yet to gain a pound of fat, which is the weight you control and that really matters, you have to eat 3500 more calories than you burn.  That is nearly impossible to do in a day, and for most people would take several days or a week of overeating to achieve.  When your weight goes up or down a few pounds throughout the week, it is really a change in your water weight.

Your worth is not based on your weight
When you focus on the scale, you reinforce the belief that your weight is all that matters.  You become obsessed about reaching a specific number, as if other people knew what that number was and if you had reached it.  When in fact, no one knows what you weigh, and your real friends only care if your weight is a health problem.  You are not your weight.  You are so much more than that, just as Oprah is more than her weight. She is loved for who she is, just as those celebrities who have tossed out their scales have learned.


When you focus on weight, you will go to extremes
When your weight is your primary focus, you will be willing to do extreme diets, fasting, promising teas and drugs, or to sign up for a boot camp or some other extreme fitness program.  Yet extreme programs and products seldom delivery on their promise, or they are too challenging to maintain.   When you finally give up on them, you will probably revert back to unhealthy habits and regain even more weight than you lost.  It is better to make small changes you can live with and focus on what feels good, rather than trying to be good and lose a lot of weight all at once.

Do as the celebrities are doing.  Get rid of your scale and stop the rollercoaster of never being good enough.  You don’t need a scale to tell you when you don’t feel at your best.

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