3 Smart & Sexy Ways To Eat Valentine's Day Candy


valentine's day
You love getting candy...but hate how you feel after eating the whole box. You need these 3 tips!

Second, she can eat (and even share) the chocolates along with their romantic dinner, as the dessert—maybe in bed! This way she isn't spiking her blood sugars by just eating them alone. A blood sugar rush would lead to craving more sweets and then crashing just as things heat up in the bedroom. Instead, she can feel satiated and good about herself, ready and energized to please her special guy.

And third, she can separate the emotions of the loving ritual from the candy. Like confusing sex and love, you can also confuse—at a subconscious level—food and love. What Mary's husband is doing, along with the millions of other men giving women chocolate or candy on Valentines, is a loving gesture. But in many instances, there isn't any real love behind it. Candy is given out of obligation, and the need for romance and love not met becomes the insatiable emotional hunger that consumes the box and looks for more. Figuring out other ways of feeling loved or getting the love you need, and seeing what is really going on when you turn to food, will help break this hidden emotional association. When you feel loved, you feel more confident and sexier...and that is an aphrodisiac for men.


Unfortunately, the timing of Valentine's Day couldn’t come at a worse time. You have either spent the past six weeks being really good and avoiding forbidden foods, or you have already given up on eating better and shifted back to unhealthy choices. Both scenarios set you up to overindulge, but like Mary, you can allow yourself to have your candy and control it too with these simple strategies. 

There is something wonderful about giving and getting a box of candy on Valentine's Day. It is more than a ritual; it is a sexy indulgence. You don't have to let a box of candy spoil your Valentine's plans or keep you binging days after the event!

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