Why Doesn't He Love Me Back? 18 Reasons And Solutions


why doesn't he love me back?
Is your dream guy just not that into you? Find out how to deal with any excuse he has.

5. He's not sexually into you. If you've been friends for a long time, it's quite possible that the image of you naked has faded away from his mind. If you see him getting excited about other women (but not you) it may mean that he's not sexually attracted to you. You can put this to the test by dressing up and showing some skin; if he doesn't react, it means that he looks at you as a friend and can't picture anything happening.

6. He thinks you're not compatible. Think about yourself here: are there some things you desperately need to have in any potential mate? Well, men think in the same way. It may be that for whatever reason, you just aren't ticking those boxes off on your "ideal partner" checklist so, if you want to know more about this particular issue, try to ask about what he's looking for in a woman. Is the woman he is describing you? If not, then you've got your answer.


7. He's gay. As clichéd as this excuse may seem, it actually happens a lot. The world is full of closeted gays that get girlfriends (and even marry) to fit in. Don't feel offended by this, because it's not in any way your fault.

8. He's got unreasonable standards. There are men on this planet who think they are so great that only supermodels are worthy of being their girlfriends. If this is the case, forget about this jerk; sooner or later, he's going to realize the mistake he made and you'll see him come crawling back to you. And when this happens, treat him as he did you.

9. He's under his family's influence. He may like you, but his family or close friends might not approve. If this is the case, forget about this guy as he's not a real man anyway.

10. His religious views differ from yours. There are people who stand true to their religious views. This may not be his central reason (as people can convert), but topped off with other reasons, it will stop him from dating you.

11. He's not ready for a relationship. Many women don't understand this, but some men have a way of knowing almost instantly if a girl is relationship material. The moment they identify her as that, they have to decide whether they want to have a relationship right now or not? If a relationship is not for your particular guy, then don't worry about him and go find one that is.

12. He has no idea that you like him. Remember those subtle hints that we discussed earlier? Well, he might not be getting them. You can make things easier for him if you move from subtle hints to actual words that express your feelings. Don't tell him that you're in love with him, but be flirty enough to keep him interested. Keep reading...

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