The Surprising Reason Strong Women Struggle With Relationships


The Surprising Reason Strong Women Struggle With Relationships
It seems that successful women struggle with finding love. The reason why is steeped in history.

1. Find A Manlier Man
Strong, successful independent women may want to consider aspiring toward finding a strong, successful, intelligent man who can sweep them of their feet and dominate them in a relationship. However, because these women are already strong and successful the total number of these men decreases dramatically. Such women no longer aspire for the average Joe; they aspire much higher, toward the only men that can have more power over them.

However, this whole dynamic creates an incredibly difficult scenario as most of these men would rather date a more typically "feminine" woman. Plus, their high status makes them some of the most desirable men out there. Sure, these women might think: "Well, wouldn't he rather have a smart girl that can take care of herself?" That may sometimes be the case but remember that men are genetically designed to take care of their women; this is in their DNA, and they are more likely to gravitate toward women that they nurture. As difficult as the above solution may seem, if a woman succeeds in landing such a man, she will probably have a very fulfilling relationship. The key here is not to diminish or belittle her success and independence while allowing him to care for her.


2. Switch Roles
Another solution for succeeding in a potential relationship implies that women find a partner that would be willing to switch relationship roles. This means the woman becomes the provider and the man stays at home with the kids (Think Miranda and Steve on Sex and the City, or Lynette and Tom on Desperate Housewives). The problem with this model is that automatically, these women will have to settle for somewhat atypical men... but their ability to do so is what may bring them happiness.

3. Throw Rules Out The Window And Be Feminine.
Here's where real strong and independent women succeed in their love lives. It is here that, instead of seeing their "manly" mind as a drawback they use it to succeed. With a task-oriented approach also comes the fantastic ability to not care. Men have the power to not care about many things in life because they simply can't handle thinking about 2 different things at the same time. Thus, if you're a woman and have learned to think in this manner, you can stop caring about the type of guy you're dating, and you can stop caring that he isn't really perfect. You can just be your strong yet feminine self around him.

In your quest for success, you may have forgotten how to think like a woman — but you've surely not forgotten how to act like one. The strong, successful and independent women who realize this on their own are the ones who have fantastic and fulfilling relationships which can turn into great family lives. Here's the bottom line: although many of the difficulties independent women face today can be blamed on biology, only they themselves can work toward improving the quality of their lives.

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