7 Essential Things That Men Find Attractive About A Woman


7 Essential Things That Men Find Attractive About A Woman
Find out what your assets are and how to use them to your advantage.

What do you need to do? Simple things like curling your lips or biting them slightly, raising your eyebrows when you make a smart remark, jiggling at our jokes, being genuinely interested in what we say – these sort of things. If you can’t yet master this subtle art, try looking at yourself in the mirror and exercise there. It may seem awkward at first but it will help you get the hand of things fairly quickly.

4.       Show us some skin


Now this isn’t a guide on how to be slutty however, that little bit of extra skin turns our heads in an instant. Too much skin is a cry for attention and men know it but if you play it subtle – It will work a lot better.

A shirt or a tee that ends just right around where your jeans start or a perfectly fitting top with a wider neck that shows a bit but yet needs a bit of craning to get a peep is just the perfect combination. We love those nearly-there peeks and it drives us crazy.

5.       A seductive voice

Again, this isn’t about changing your voice but using it correctly. There are little things in life that make the hair on a man’s back raise with excitement and a woman’s voice is one of them. Mastering the art of the seductive voice takes time so don’t focus on it too much.

Men are turned off by high pitched glass shattering squeals that most women use when they’re surprised or ecstatic with joy. A low and soft voice is obviously more attractive. Lucky for you, it’s actually not that hard to speak in a low, softer tone without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Exercise your new found talent on the phone but don’t blame me if the guy on the other line starts to get flirty.

6.       A Damsel In Distress

Maybe the term damsel in distress is too much for this but you get the idea, a woman in need. This may actually be a man’s dream, to help out a woman in need…as it gives them the perfect opportunity to be A MAN in front of you.

Men love to feel wanted and then appreciated by women. You might think that men hate doing errands and stuff like that but we hate it only when we’re in a long term relationship. At the beginning, we are at your disposal so use us in any way you want. So, if you know a single guy, go up to him with a smile on your face and ask him to help you with something, chances are he’ll jump to your help immediately.

We love women that ask for our help, it just makes us feel manlier and it gives us the opportunity to have a conversation with you. And when you thank us with a flirty smile, there’s a good chance we’ll do anything to get your number.

7.       A woman who acknowledges a man’s stare

This is the first step in seduction and probably the most important. You need to have the ability to acknowledge our stares. Sure, some guys have a lot of guts and approach you instantly but most guys don’t have this type of attitude and you need to give them at least the slightest reason to react.

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